“the Father’s h…

“the Father’s heart did not need any moving toward the heart of man. For Jesus Christ instead of moving the heart of the Father, was the MOVEMENT of God on behalf of mankind”




“…That it will be patently obvious to everybody in my presence that something radical has happened in my experience, that Somebody has invaded my soul to Whom I have yielded the right to exercise total sovereignty, who monopolises now every area of my being so that my personality is transformed by His presence and advertises to the world in which I was born, dead, that I have come alive.” -Major Ian Thomas

Taken from his message called “Knowing Jesus” and can be freely downloaded from      http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=17

Major Ian Thomas

I have recently been introduced to an amazing man who was after the heart of Father God: Major Ian Thomas (13 September 1914-1 August 2007).
My father was first to tell me a little about this man and I found my curiousity awakened but it wasn’t until this morning that I knew without a doubt that God had brought this man before me for a specific purpose. I listened to one of the messages he preached called “Knowing Jesus” from sermonindex.com and I am astounded at the work of the Holy Spirit within and without Major Thomas, I recognised that indeed he was a man who had touched, loved and imbibed the Lord Jesus, it is one of the most beautiful things to see in this life; Jesus exalted in another’s life.
As always I am so thankful for these men and women of old for the example they continue to set, for I have no doubt in my mind that as they now are part of the cloud of witnesses, we can learn so much from them. I was truly blessed by the message and am truly looking forward to the more than the Lord has to teach me, through the life that His servant lived and all that the Lord taught him,


Major Ian and Joan Thomas

Ten dollars per parable

I  really enjoy hearing different people talk about Jesus, whoever they may be, I love the way that He reveals Himself to us and when you hear someone talking about Jesus, you have that knowing in your heart and spirit that it’s Him, because perhaps He was revealing that same aspect of Himself to you too and when you talk about Him, there aren’t enough words, together you grow as your view and knowledge of Him grows exponentially. His fragrance, yes.

With that said, it saddens me when people are so exclusive with their given revelation of Christ Jesus, when they make you pay for something that they, we all, received and keep receiving freely. I would really like an honest answer, one would think telling others about what Jesus has done\is doing in your life, should be a joy, a cause to call out to people and proclaim it in a loud voice: THIS IS WHAT JESUS HAS DONE!! THIS IS WHAT HE HAS REVEALED TO ME!!

I wonder what it would look like if Jesus had come in our day, would He charge for His parables? For His time? God’s ability to give outstrips ours again and again and again and it’s embarrassing how we are such sticklers for what we consider ours when really if we say we are His, then everything, we have belongs to Him.
You know i understand about profit, bills have to be paid and people need to make a living, but does everything have to cost something? Isn’t that how the world does it? “Nothing is for free”? Shouldn’t we as the body of Christ be different?

More than just Sunday

One of my favourite authors, says how as humans we long for community and are in fact created to live in community with others. I believe that to be the truth. I am not an expert where community is concerned and at some point in my not so distant past I shunned the vulnerability that comes with living in community with others and actually bought into the deception that it is more than possible to live this life without others.

These days, I, have found within me this overwhelming desire to live an open life with other brothers and sisters in Christ and vice versa. When I study the Word of God, I am shown and touch something of the lives of the saints of that day and along with these early church saints, there are yet those who have recently gone before and their stories of life as strangers to this world. I feel this undeniable yearning to know first hand what it is like to live life with others who are equally passionate and in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and everything about Him, not just fellowshipping on Sunday and then two more times in the week or what have you, but where we are actually living this life together, day in and out, iron sharpening iron. Less the theory and talk and more the practical in truth.
This is one of the deepest desires of my heart; to see the Western mindset of individualism and all that it entails in our lives broken, to see the spiritual truth of the oneness of the body of Christ break through powerfully into this physical world, so that the deep, rich and multi-faceted Life and Love of God will be the undercarriage of all our relationships, especially our relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.

There is a laying down that is required, a revelation to be accessed. The apostle Paul in his letter to the saints in Ephesus writes: that in Christ Jesus, the Father has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms and in Paul’s first letter to the saints in Corinth he says that having received the Spirit who is from God and who is God, we can now know all that has been lavishly and graciously given to us. What does this mean in this context?

From His Word it is obvious to me that the Father desires for us to live in community with other believers and knowing this, makes me quite excited! Why? Well because firstly, I then know that He has placed this desire within me and it is not of my own doing, secondly, it means that it will be realised and already has been! I have seen and heard “stories” of true community and have felt the Holy Spirit a witness so strong in my spirit to the reality of spiritual, true and real community of believers gathering around the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is all. I am looking forward and: “Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection].”  -Heb 12:2a (Amplified bible)

Love and all blessings to all

Speaking with eloquence

Personally I really want to love people with the Love of Christ and I say “Love of Christ” because I realise that that man-made, kind of love we like to bandy around won’t quite cut it, have you noticed how it grows hot and cold with the simplest of provocations? I now know that the Love of Christ stands the test of time (and eternity for that matter), the elements and whatever you can throw at it, that’s the kind of Love I want to flow from inside out of me. God’s Love is unconditional, durable, resilient, permanent, deep-rooted and enduring and in Romans we are told that this Love has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us, so on that score, loving others as God loves us is not impossible.

With that said, it doesn’t seem like the easiest thing in the world, I’ve seen that for many Christians its easy to love the people in the world who don’t know Jesus than it is to love their brethren.  And for some of us, it’s easier to love those in our circle of fellowship in comparison to those who are outside of it. It’s such a weakness, don’t you think? We claim to know the love of God, write songs about this Love, boast about this Love but when we’re put outside of our comfort zone of loving, when we’re really put to the test to show whether we really are acquainted with this Love, we come up empty and act like we’ve never even encountered the greatest Love the world will ever know.

I speak for myself here, but all of this frustrates me somewhat. We really need the Holy Spirit to do a very deep work in us, we need to know the Love with which He has Loved us to the point of no return, never stepping out of it but like we are called to walk in the Spirit, we walk also in this Love. If God is Love, then to know Him, is to know His kind of Love. Love that is patient, never blind, Love that can take the roughest path but never seem to mind, Love that is never boastful or jealous, Love that is strong and faces every test; unconditional Love. May we all get a lasting and deep revelation of the Father’s Love, in Jesus’ name.

Love and Grace to all

Called by His name (Prophetic declaration)

“The world needs what you have you, who are called by His name! Arise and shine, for the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on [and in] you, because the Lord has anointed you to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent you to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour and the day of vengeance for our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour!”

“He’s never giving up!”

Had such an awesome time discovering my first Love last week! Have you ever had a taste of something, you had doubts actually existed? What about meeting people you thought were too good to be true, but only to find out that they are the genuine article? Yeah?

We get jaded sometimes, don’t we? We get stuck in a sort of rut and forget about how the Life of God is able to breathe into our circumstances, how He’s able to pervade and show Himself true and all powerful, shuttering all pre-conceived ideas, mindsets and thoughts ranging themselves against our knowledge of the goodness and nature of this Father, who Loves beyond compare. I love that about Him, I love how He’s never giving up on us, even when we throw in the towel and actually give up, seeing no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. He never stops running after our souls, to claim us as His own again and again.

I’m thankful for the people of God, who meet a real, living and loving God, who show the rest of us all these truths about Him, that He is: Trustworthy, true to His Word, All-powerful, All-knowing, Loving, Majestic, Just, I can go on…anyway, thank you Melissa, Jonathan, Joel and the rest of the team for an awesome time away with the Lover of our souls.

The best of the Father to one and all

“Our only ground of fell…

“Our only ground of fellowship is CHRIST and our fellowship must be with all believers.”

Heard a sermon about the question “who is my neighbour?” the other day and the speaker talked about how we want to choose who we love and exclude certain other peoples due to our preferences. We do that don’t we? We like certain people and dislike others, Watchman Nee says something to the effect that we are likely to find an affinity with that which we agree with as opposed to what we disagree with. This is the same with people, we want to associate with those with whom we have similar belief structures, revelations and what have you.

But, if you think about it as brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are one. We are one because we belong to one body, Christ’s, regardless of what denomination, doctrine or revelation we hold to. We belong to the body of Christ and our union with each other has everything to do with the One who has made His home within us, the One, who calls us by His name and not so much about all the gifts He has so lavishly given us. 

I hate that we have denominations, divisions and differing doctrines that keep us as members of the Body apart, but I also know that what holds us together is more potent, powerful and poignant than the things in this physical world that tell us what we are not as Christ’s body. 

The Love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, His Love, not a man-made, imperfect, short-lived kind of love, but His own, inexhaustible, inexpungible and indissoluble LOVE, this LOVE, makes ALL things possible and one of these things is loving one another, in the words of 1 John 3:18 , “not [merely] loving with words or tongue but with actions and in truth,” not because of doctrine, denomination or revelation and even preference, but because of Jesus Christ.

The best of the Father to one and all