democracy in the church?

I’ve just recently realised that I have no say whatsoever when it comes to what happens externally when I arrive at “church” on a Sunday morning. What I mean is that, I have no power where certain decisions are concerned, for example, have you ever thought about the songs we sing during praise and worship? Usually we just show up and hope that the worship leader has chosen songs we’ll like or consider to be anointed and if not, well, uh, we’ll need to lead ourselves into the throne room.

Can you picture a Sunday morning when the “worship leader” actually steps aside and allows someone else to lead a song? Extemporaneously but at the same time, in line with the Holy Spirit and His desires for that specific moment. What a precious picture…programs and so on are good in their own right, but what is the Spirit saying aside from our practiced way in which we of do church every Sunday?


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