I hate cliques. I hate the way they ostracise and make others feel inferior. I think everyone has found themselves on the outside looking in at one point in their lives and for some, it’s something you live with, your whole life.

Cliques in “church” are on another level. A place you expect to fit in, you find that you’re the puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit in and all signs say that you are the problem because everyone else is friends with everyone else. Funny how even social media plays a part in highlighting cliques in church, I find that the same people comment on each others statuses and so on and so forth.

This used to bother me and it still does, but not as much as it did because I’ve realised that people don’t do it on purpose, none of us is perfect and we all struggle with personal weaknesses and even if the ostracising is deliberate, I was birthed in Christ, my identity is in Him and He has placed me in the body.

I love that what I see in the body where cliques are concerned is not the be all and end all, there is better, there is a place we belong, a place where a community of believers are present and we never have to question the real meaning of family.


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