“He’s never giving up!”

Had such an awesome time discovering my first Love last week! Have you ever had a taste of something, you had doubts actually existed? What about meeting people you thought were too good to be true, but only to find out that they are the genuine article? Yeah?

We get jaded sometimes, don’t we? We get stuck in a sort of rut and forget about how the Life of God is able to breathe into our circumstances, how He’s able to pervade and show Himself true and all powerful, shuttering all pre-conceived ideas, mindsets and thoughts ranging themselves against our knowledge of the goodness and nature of this Father, who Loves beyond compare. I love that about Him, I love how He’s never giving up on us, even when we throw in the towel and actually give up, seeing no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. He never stops running after our souls, to claim us as His own again and again.

I’m thankful for the people of God, who meet a real, living and loving God, who show the rest of us all these truths about Him, that He is: Trustworthy, true to His Word, All-powerful, All-knowing, Loving, Majestic, Just, I can go on…anyway, thank you Melissa, Jonathan, Joel and the rest of the team for an awesome time away with the Lover of our souls.

The best of the Father to one and all


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