Speaking with eloquence

Personally I really want to love people with the Love of Christ and I say “Love of Christ” because I realise that that man-made, kind of love we like to bandy around won’t quite cut it, have you noticed how it grows hot and cold with the simplest of provocations? I now know that the Love of Christ stands the test of time (and eternity for that matter), the elements and whatever you can throw at it, that’s the kind of Love I want to flow from inside out of me. God’s Love is unconditional, durable, resilient, permanent, deep-rooted and enduring and in Romans we are told that this Love has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us, so on that score, loving others as God loves us is not impossible.

With that said, it doesn’t seem like the easiest thing in the world, I’ve seen that for many Christians its easy to love the people in the world who don’t know Jesus than it is to love their brethren.  And for some of us, it’s easier to love those in our circle of fellowship in comparison to those who are outside of it. It’s such a weakness, don’t you think? We claim to know the love of God, write songs about this Love, boast about this Love but when we’re put outside of our comfort zone of loving, when we’re really put to the test to show whether we really are acquainted with this Love, we come up empty and act like we’ve never even encountered the greatest Love the world will ever know.

I speak for myself here, but all of this frustrates me somewhat. We really need the Holy Spirit to do a very deep work in us, we need to know the Love with which He has Loved us to the point of no return, never stepping out of it but like we are called to walk in the Spirit, we walk also in this Love. If God is Love, then to know Him, is to know His kind of Love. Love that is patient, never blind, Love that can take the roughest path but never seem to mind, Love that is never boastful or jealous, Love that is strong and faces every test; unconditional Love. May we all get a lasting and deep revelation of the Father’s Love, in Jesus’ name.

Love and Grace to all


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