Ten dollars per parable

I  really enjoy hearing different people talk about Jesus, whoever they may be, I love the way that He reveals Himself to us and when you hear someone talking about Jesus, you have that knowing in your heart and spirit that it’s Him, because perhaps He was revealing that same aspect of Himself to you too and when you talk about Him, there aren’t enough words, together you grow as your view and knowledge of Him grows exponentially. His fragrance, yes.

With that said, it saddens me when people are so exclusive with their given revelation of Christ Jesus, when they make you pay for something that they, we all, received and keep receiving freely. I would really like an honest answer, one would think telling others about what Jesus has done\is doing in your life, should be a joy, a cause to call out to people and proclaim it in a loud voice: THIS IS WHAT JESUS HAS DONE!! THIS IS WHAT HE HAS REVEALED TO ME!!

I wonder what it would look like if Jesus had come in our day, would He charge for His parables? For His time? God’s ability to give outstrips ours again and again and again and it’s embarrassing how we are such sticklers for what we consider ours when really if we say we are His, then everything, we have belongs to Him.
You know i understand about profit, bills have to be paid and people need to make a living, but does everything have to cost something? Isn’t that how the world does it? “Nothing is for free”? Shouldn’t we as the body of Christ be different?


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