Major Ian Thomas

I have recently been introduced to an amazing man who was after the heart of Father God: Major Ian Thomas (13 September 1914-1 August 2007).
My father was first to tell me a little about this man and I found my curiousity awakened but it wasn’t until this morning that I knew without a doubt that God had brought this man before me for a specific purpose. I listened to one of the messages he preached called “Knowing Jesus” from and I am astounded at the work of the Holy Spirit within and without Major Thomas, I recognised that indeed he was a man who had touched, loved and imbibed the Lord Jesus, it is one of the most beautiful things to see in this life; Jesus exalted in another’s life.
As always I am so thankful for these men and women of old for the example they continue to set, for I have no doubt in my mind that as they now are part of the cloud of witnesses, we can learn so much from them. I was truly blessed by the message and am truly looking forward to the more than the Lord has to teach me, through the life that His servant lived and all that the Lord taught him,


Major Ian and Joan Thomas


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