“…That it will be patently obvious to everybody in my presence that something radical has happened in my experience, that Somebody has invaded my soul to Whom I have yielded the right to exercise total sovereignty, who monopolises now every area of my being so that my personality is transformed by His presence and advertises […]

Major Ian Thomas

I have recently been introduced to an amazing man who was after the heart of Father God: Major Ian Thomas (13 September 1914-1 August 2007). My father was first to tell me a little about this man and I found my curiousity awakened but it wasn’t until this morning that I knew without a doubt […]

Ten dollars per parable

I  really enjoy hearing different people talk about Jesus, whoever they may be, I love the way that He reveals Himself to us and when you hear someone talking about Jesus, you have that knowing in your heart and spirit that it’s Him, because perhaps He was revealing that same aspect of Himself to you […]

“Our only ground of fell…

“Our only ground of fellowship is CHRIST and our fellowship must be with all believers.”

Heard a sermon about the question “who is my neighbour?” the other day and the speaker talked about how we want to choose who we love and exclude certain other peoples due to our preferences. We do that don’t we? We like certain people and dislike others, Watchman Nee says something to the effect that we are likely to find an affinity with that which we agree with as opposed to what we disagree with. This is the same with people, we want to associate with those with whom we have similar belief structures, revelations and what have you.

But, if you think about it as brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are one. We are one because we belong to one body, Christ’s, regardless of what denomination, doctrine or revelation we hold to. We belong to the body of Christ and our union with each other has everything to do with the One who has made His home within us, the One, who calls us by His name and not so much about all the gifts He has so lavishly given us. 

I hate that we have denominations, divisions and differing doctrines that keep us as members of the Body apart, but I also know that what holds us together is more potent, powerful and poignant than the things in this physical world that tell us what we are not as Christ’s body. 

The Love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, His Love, not a man-made, imperfect, short-lived kind of love, but His own, inexhaustible, inexpungible and indissoluble LOVE, this LOVE, makes ALL things possible and one of these things is loving one another, in the words of 1 John 3:18 , “not [merely] loving with words or tongue but with actions and in truth,” not because of doctrine, denomination or revelation and even preference, but because of Jesus Christ.

The best of the Father to one and all